Our Gigs

We are very lucky to have 4 gigs, 2 Wooden Racing Gigs and 2 GRP Training Gigs. This has been made possible by constant fundraising and generous donations from local organisations, groups and individuals. We would like to thank all for their continued support.

  • Lady Freda (Wooden Racing Gig)

Nipper (Wooden Racing Gig) 

Our newest racing gig "Nipper" is CPGA certified and constructed from elm in the traditional manner. The gig was built during the summer of 2013 by Maurice Hunkin of Fowey who has built many gigs for clubs throughout the southwest.

Lady Freda (Wooden Racing Gig)

Our racing gig "Lady Freda" constructed from elm in the traditional manner. The gig was built over the winter of 2010 by Brian Pomeroy of Dartmouth who has built a number of gigs for local clubs including Appledore, Dartmouth and Ilfracombe.

Phillipa J (GRP Training Gig)

Our Plastic (GRP) training gig, “Phillipa J” purchased thanks to a grant from Sport England in 2011. These gigs are referred to lovingly as "Plastic Pigs" due to the way they handle compared with a race gig.

Barum Bobby(GRP Training Gig)

Barum Bobby is a GRP (Plastic) training gig which was purchased by friends collective in 2012 and was named by an auction for the naming rights. These gigs cost a lot less and can be used all year without costly and time consuming maintenance.

BPGC 100 Club
Every month we hold the 100 Club draw.
There are 100 number available and cost £2 each.
50% of the monies paid in to the 100 Club go into the prize fund each month and are split between 1st, 2nd & 3rd.
If you would like to be part of this, please visit the contact page
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